Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Birds on my balcony

Photo (c)2008 by Incorrigible Curmudgeon

When I first moved into this apartment years ago, I tried to grow tomatoes and flowers on my balcony. The tomatoes failed big time and while the flowers worked fine, one flower box soon attracted a mourning dove in search of a safe nesting spot. I gladly ceded the spot to her so we could watch her nest.

Over the years she, or another mourning dove (perhaps even her grown child), has nested 2 or 3 times each season. This was her first brood of 2008.

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deeceevoice said...

This is sweet -- much better than flowers -- and a great photo. I love mourning doves. They're delicate and beautiful, and the plaintive call of the male is a favorite of mine.

One spring about three years ago, I had a nesting pair of mourning doves on the fourth-floor window ledge of my living room window -- in a window box as well. They raised two pairs. I got a big kick out of watching them grow and fledge. From hatchlings to first flight was only two weeks' time.

Just amazing!