Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Gresham Street NW rowhouses

About twenty years ago, I was in San Francisco and my friend/frat brother/architect Gary "Snoopy" McIntyre was giving me an architectural tour of the bay area (where he has lived since Howard) and he made a point of taking me to see a row of houses which had come to be known as the 'Painted Ladies.'

Anyway, one day I was out exercise walking around the MacMillan Reservoir next to Howard and noticed that this row of houses adjacent to Drew Hall, when viewed from one certain vantage point, reminded me of the 'Painted Ladies.'

I came back with my Nikon D200 with the 18-200mm VR lens and got this shot, which brought the gothic architecture of the Washington Cathedral into play as well, though it is 3 miles away on the other side of Rock Creek park on Wisconsin Avenue, perched on the highest spot in Washington, DC.

I love this POV but I need to go back and re-shoot it with a longer lens and a tripod to do it up right.

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