Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pre-Presidential Election madness

When I drove down to North Carolina last weekend from DC, I was sporting my "Obama '08" bumpersticker, which I had just ordered. I wasn't sure what to expect, reaction-wise, but as it turned out, the only negative reaction I received was in Northern Virginia on I-95, when a blonde White woman passed me giving me the thumbs down.

I wondered at the time whether she was hating on Obama (I assumed it wasn't me or my car she was dissing) because [A] he was Black, [B] he was Democrat, or [C] she was a Hillary Clinton supporter? I ultimately concluded it was [c] because he, Obama, poses such a threat to Hillary winning the presidency. In retrospect, she may even have been Hillary Clinton, for all I know.

When I got back, my daugher pointed out this wacko in the parking lot of Staples in Columbia, MD. He or she had festooned their van with American flags and had plastered it all-over with crude hand-written signs afixed with duct-tape saying "Stop Hilary" and "Preserve America: Stop Hilary" and "Safe-Secure-Sovereign." All signs miss-spelled Hillary with one 'L.' And I thought "Wow! Hillary has really got somebody spooked." Go figure.


SexyHUJournalist said...

Whoa. Somebody is a mess. A mess who can't spell.

Dr. F. said...

Yeah, say what you will, but Hillary evokes a lot of passion on both sides of the political spectrum, and brings a lot of nut cases out of their hovels. Dr. F.