Thursday, August 23, 2007

Girl on Beach, Ocho Rios, Jamaica, 1980

Girl on Beach, Ocho Rios, Jamaica, 1980
(c)1980 Jeffrey John Fearing

I took this picture during a trip to Jamaica in 1980. This was near the famed tourist area called Dunns River Falls. I was vacationing solo so didn't have anyone to watch my camera (and thus wasn't able to walk in the falls as the tourists were doing) so I photographed the falls and then found this beach nearby which appeared to be an area free from tourists, an area where Jamaicans could swim in peace.

This girl stood on the shore fully-clothed watching the people swimming and having fun. She had such a compellingly sad look, wistful and forlorn, that I was moved to capture the moment. I'm pretty sure I was shooting Kodachrome back then. I was using my Olympus OM-1 35mm camera in those days.

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3D-Artist Norway said...

I just have to tell you that I like this picture very much!
It is one of the best fotos, in its cathegory, I have seen for a long long time. At first, small size on the webside, it also looks like a oil-painting from the "old masters"! Thanks for sharing it on the blog.