Thursday, November 25, 2010

On Thanksgiving, some Native American rock resistance music: Blackfire - It Aint Over!

I heard this Navajo rock group today on Michele Martin's "Tell Me More" on NPR. Before Black Fire I was only aware of two: Redbone and Clan Dyken. Redbone had a monster dance hit at Howard University in the early 70s called "Maggie."

Rock music has been appropriated by White musicians for so long that it has come to be perceived as the exclusive province of White people. Certainly the commercial rock stations hold fast to this perception. Rock stations seem to acknowledge only one Black rocker: Jimi Hendrix, discounting the solid Black rock of jam bands like Mandrill, War, Parliament-Funkadelic, and more contemporary Black rockers like Vernon Reid, Eric Gales (son of the great jazz guitarist of the same name) and even Prince (live, not recorded) and countless unnamed others.

That is why I always like to learn about and shed some light upon the non-traditional, non-White rockers.

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