Sunday, July 26, 2009

Never Forget You

I heard this song last night on WTMD, found it on YouTube, and am posting it here.

The group is Noisettes, a UK indie rock band and their lead singer (and bass player)is a stunning Afro-British (English-Zimbabwean says Wikipedia) sister named Shingai Shoniwa.

I dig the whole 60s girl-group sound of the song and she can really sing (kinda like Amy Winehouse without the pathology). I also like the way it pays homage melodically to one of my favorite songs, Joan Armitrading's great anthem to individuality "Me, Myself, I."

When I first heard it I thought it must be some kind of 60s tribute song, maybe something from the "Hairspray" soundtrack for example, but they wrote it and produced it themselves.

Noisettes and particularly Shingai Shoniwa definitely bear watching. I wish them well.


Danielle said...

Ah, you've discovered the Noisettes! I found out about them on some random music blog (maybe Pitchfork?) a couple of years ago and now they're one of my favorite bands. That's cool you like them too.

Joyce Owens said...

She is a stunner...reminds me of a young Cicely Tyson (her looks). Thanks for sharing!