Saturday, June 27, 2009

Why I love Trader Joe's

(c)Incorrigible Curmudgeon

My California cousin (a veggie, like me) always raved about Trader Joe's whenever I'd visit LA.

And so when one opened up fairly near me in MD I hurried over to check it out. Unfortunately, after all the hype I was underwhelmed: smallish size store, somewhat meager selection, not all that veggie, etc.

I just didn't get it and it wasn't until I saw this unofficial Trader Joe's commercial on YouTube that I finally understood the appeal.

Now I get it. The staff is laid back and very service-oriented. I just dig the whole funky, proto-counter-culture vibe. Green but not pedantic. Prices are competitive too (thought they would be 'Whole Paycheck' high). Certain friends of mine like it because of all the attractive middle-aged women which shop there (they have rather un-gallantly taken to calling Trader Joe's 'MILF Mart').

The video was apparently created by some guy named Carl Willat using the video camera on his Palm Treo. It is exceedingly clever in its writing and editing and the tune is relentlessly catchy.

Intrepid researcher that I am, I determined that the tune is called Aguas de Marco, or the Waters of March. Written by Antonio Carlos Jobim, who did the music for Black Orpheus (my favorite movie). I downloaded the Jobim original recorded in 1974 with vocalist Elis Regina, though I haven't figured out how to (legally) link to it here.

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