Saturday, August 9, 2008

Dutch Country Market

The Dutch Country Farmer's Market in Burtonsville, MD has been a landmark for decades. Run by the Pennsylvania Dutch Amish who ply their wares here every Thursday through Saturday, it has been forced to move because a shopping center developer has bought the strip mall with the intention to raze it and build another strip mall in its place (go figure).

It was supposed to close at the end of August 2008 and move to an abandoned furniture store in Laurel, about 5 miles to the east in Prince Georges county.

However, the website (who knew the Amish had websites?) seems to indicate that the move is off indefinitely. I hope so. I like the idea of the market and that people come from all over DC/Maryland/Virginia to shop here, even though, as a veggie, the market is a little too meat-heavy for my tastes. In fact, their is precious little for a veggie, but I'm glad they're staying a while longer anyway.

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