Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Keep Austin Weird, pt. 2

The other day, my daughter and I went to the Austin Grill restaurant in re-vitalized downtown Silver Spring, MD. I was sporting this T-shirt (but with my Obama ’08 button affixed). I had picked it up in Austin, Texas in June during 'Weirdfest.'

Anyway, the greeter person complimented me on the shirt and then our wait-person came over to tell us that the manager had seen it and liked it, too, and that he was offering us a free appetizer because of it. This worked great because my daughter usually only eats the appetizers anyway.

Anyway, just a shout-out of gratitude for our favorite Silver Spring eatery. Great food, great service, the occasional live music, plus a nice, laid-back place to enjoy a beer watching a football game.

Personally, as a lacto-ovo veggie, I like to get their Spinach Quesadillas or their Spinach Enchiladas. Their Vegetable Fajitas are probably a notch above Don Pablo's though all of these type places tend to err on the side of under-cooked veggies in their fajitas (as though vegetarians by definition prefer their veggies 'Bugs Bunny-style': raw and crispy). NOT!

Memo to all restaurants that try to make a token gesture to their vegetarian customers: Vegetarians like HOT food, just like everybody else!

(Anyway, this is my first blog rant. Yes, I do actually feel better, thanks.)

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